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LMC lunchtime webinar: 'The Basics of the NHS Pension Scheme’ - Wednesday 19th July

LMC lunchtime webinar: 'The Basics of the NHS Pension Scheme’ - Wednesday 19th July 

The LMC will be hosting a lunchtime webinar on the NHS pension scheme which is open and to all medical professionals in General Practice inc ARRS, practice staff and PCN staff. I would be grateful if you could please share this amongst your teams.

The full details are below but any questions, please let us know.

Webinar: The NHS Pension Scheme explained by Chase de Vere Medical

Chase de Vere Medical are the only BMA endorsed independent financial advisers, offering comprehensive financial planning for Medical Professionals and are delivering a CPD accredited presentation on ‘The Basics of the NHS Pension Scheme’ on Wednesday 19th July at 13:00pm

We are partnered with My Locum Manager and the BMA, and are one of the UK’s largest specialist independent advisers, advising over 14,000 medical professionals. Our purpose is to empower doctors to make well informed financial decisions. Our expertise is truly specialised to the medical profession.

Being a member of the NHS workforce has had its many challenges particularly over the past 2 years, however, one of the rewards are your NHS benefits. Your NHS pension is a key employment benefit for Doctors. So it is vital you have a clear understanding of how the scheme works – and works for you. Learn what it costs, how much it will pay out, when you can claim it, the effect of leave or a break and the other benefits it offers. We also look at the recent changes to the NHS Pension scheme, plus, you’ll have the chance to have your questions answered by an expert.

In 1 hour Chase de Vere will cover:

  • An overview of the NHS Pension
  • An explanation of the annual and lifetime allowances
  • The benefits of being a member of the scheme
  • Ways to increase your pension benefits

This is no obligation, without charge, and everyone is entitled to a complimentary consultation should they require it following the presentation.

To reserve a space and to be sent a link, please email us at   enquiries@llrlmc.co.uk