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21/22 GMS contract changes webinar - 25.03.21

On 25th March 2021, the LMC hosted a webinar for our members on the 21/22 GMS contract changes.

The webinar was delivered by Dr Kasaraneni (GPC Executive) and a copy of the recording and presentation has been shared with delegates.

In summary:

  • Minimal changes from 1 April 2021, including delays to previously agreed elements.
  • Funding commitments already made will be honoured (GP contract uplifts, IIF and ARRS uplifts etc).
  • Changes are to assist with the pandemic and its impact.
  • Arrangements will remain under review, depending on the progression of the pandemic and the progress of the Covid vaccination programme, and further changes will be agreed between NHS England and GPC England in year (with reasonable notice provided to practices).
  • QOF will be based on the indicator set from 20/21, with limited changes.
  • Global sum will increase by £3.32 (3.5%) to £96.78
  • QOF point value will increase by £6.33 (3.3%) to £201.16
  • Out of hours adjustment will increase by £0.14 (3.0%) to £4.59

The BMA has issued further guidance -  GP contract agreement England 2021/2022 (bma.org.uk)

Any questions relating to the contract changes, please contact the LMC office.