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What we do

Our mission is to look out for and look after GPs and their teams.

The LMC is a completely independent body recognised by statute.  We are a democratic organisation with a governing body of representatives, elected by our members.


From partnership issues to business planning, we provide valuable, up to date and expert advice to GPs and their practice managers on essential subjects including premises and contractual matters.  Alongside our in house experience and knowledge, members benefit from our close relationships with the BMA, the General Practitioners' Committee (GPC), the CQC, other LMCs, and specialist legal support.


We provide support for members' health, welfare and careers.  Because we understand the challenges of working in General Practice, with increasing demand and workload, you can be confident of confidential and experienced support from us whenever you need it.  We support doctors in dealing with issues with appraisal, revalidation and performers list membership, even when the medical defence organisations are unable to help.  We support doctors returning to work, undertaking remediation or involved in enquiries into their performance by the GMC or NHS England.


We represent practices on bodies including NHS England regional team, Intergrated Care Board, Public Health, Local Authorities, Health Watch and the Care Quality Commission.  We represent GPs' view to the local media, and we help practices dealing with media enquiries.  When doctors are being investigated or their contracts are at risk, we are there to help and support.