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Our values

  • To be impartial and non-judgemental
  • To inspire hope
  • To be kind to ourselves and each other
  • To be honest and straightforward
  • To be courageous, wise and trustworthy

Latest news

Ethical lessons learnt from COVID-19 - 16 June 2021 - 7pm

RCGP Leicester Faculty would like to invite you to a FREE panel discussion on ‘Ethical Lessons learnt from COVID-19' hosted by Dr Abbas Tejani and Prof Simon Gregory.


Event: Ethical Lessons Learnt from COVID-19

Date: Wednesday 16 June 2021

Time: 19:00 – 20:30


GP Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) - Data provision notice (DPN)

Please click here to view more information on GP Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR).

New GP Pensions & Payment System

Please click here to view the letter which was sent to all LLR GPs & PMs re new pension payment system. 

Letter from Richard Vautrey to all GPs in England 

Please click here to view the letter from Richard Vautrey re NHSEI. 

LLR LMC April Newsletter 

Please click here to view the April Newsletter. 

This months' edition includes information on:

  • Flu Vaccination Programme 21/22
  • QOF 21/22
  • D4 Medical Exams - DVLA Update 
  • Important update regarding cremation form 4 & Medical Certificate cause of death
  • 2.1% pay and expenses increase 

To receive our newsletter, register your details at enquiries@llrlmc.co.uk  

CQC Update Webinar

On Tuesday 20th April, we were pleased to be joined by Amanda Reynolds (Midlands, CQC Manager) and her team to talk to our members about changes with CQC and what practices can expect in the future. A copy of the presentation is here to view.

Upcoming LMC webinars

The LMC will be hosing the upcoming webinars which are open to all our members to attend:

  • Partnership Change & GP Property Webinar - 19th May
  • Complaints and Professional Standards: Supporting you to support our patients’ webinar - 7th July 

To read more about the content of the webinars and register, you can view details -  LLR LMC: Training & Events programme

GP Contract Update (Pandemic Regulations)

NHSEI has confirmed that the temporary changes to the GP contract under the pandemic regulations which were due to lapse at the end of March have now been extended until 30 June 2021.

As with previously, this means:

  • a continued suspension of the Friends and Family Test requirement
  • a continued suspension of the requirement for individual patient consent for electronic repeat dispensing (eRD)
  • a continuation of the amendment to NHS 111 direct booking - sufficient slots available for NHS 111 to refer into a triage list; for most practices offering 1 per 3000 is likely to be sufficient but this can increase to 1 per 500 if demand requires.

Recording and presentation from Contract Changes 21/22 webinar

The LMC recently hosted a GMS Contract Changes for 21/22 which was delivered by Dr Kasaraneni (GPC Executive). A copy of the presentation is available and the recording will be available shortly.

NHSPS - service charges dispute (England)

The BMA supported five GP practices to bring a legal challenge against NHSPS try to clarify the legal basis for NHSPS’s dramatic increases in how service charges are calculated. The BMA now continues to support the same practices to defend legal proceedings brought against them by NHSPS in response to their claims. It is extremely concerning that NHSPS - a company owned by the Department of Health and Social Care - are pursuing this course at a time when frontline doctors are facing a national health crisis.

Through the legal action, NHSPS have admitted that they cannot rely on the Charging Policy in isolation as a legal basis to increase charges- as we have said all along. As set out in a letter to practices, the BMA now recommends that GP practices facing similar demands for increased service charges that have not been explained to these five practices should insist that NHSPS provide a full explanation of the legal and factual basis on which their charges have been increased. To assist practices, GPC have prepared a template letter for you to amend as appropriate and send to NHSPS.

Important update regarding cremation form4 and MCCD

We have made some changes to the Cremation Form 4 process. If you use the PRISM version on SystmOne there is now an option to digitally sign the document.

A completed cremation form 4 contains confidential information and due to this should not be sent via email unless there is encryption. Otherwise, there is a risk that a breach of data protection regulations may occur. It has been agreed that when sending the form to a funeral director, the practice should use an NHS mail account using the embedded Egress encryption service. Guidance on how to use this is attached and is also available via the PRISM form.

There have been repeated errors in completing both the Cremation Form 4 and the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD). These: slow down the process; are causing registrars, crematoria and coroners additional work; and have caused delays for funerals.

The article can be found here with the appropriate attachments.