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NHSPS- service charges dispute (England)

The BMA supported five GP practices to bring a legal challenge against NHSPS try to clarify the legal basis for NHSPS’s dramatic increases in how service charges are calculated. The BMA now continues to support the same practices to defend legal proceedings brought against them by NHSPS in Page 4 of 8 response to their claims. It is extremely concerning that NHSPS- a company owned by the Department of Health and Social Care- are pursuing this course at a time when frontline doctors are facing a national health crisis.

Through the legal action, NHSPS have admitted that they cannot rely on the Charging Policy in isolation as a legal basis to increase charges- as we have said all along. As set out in a letter to practices, the BMA now recommends that GP practices facing similar demands for increased service charges that have not been explained to these five practices should insist that NHSPS provide a full explanation of the legal and factual basis on which their charges have been increased. To assist practices, we have prepared a template letter for you to amend as appropriate and send to NHSPS.


We have made some changes to the Cremation Form 4 process. If you use the PRISM version on SystmOne there is now an option to digitally sign the document.

A completed cremation form 4 contains confidential information and due to this should not be sent via email unless there is encryption. Otherwise, there is a risk that a breach of data protection regulations may occur. It has been agreed that when sending the form to a funeral director, the practice should use an NHS mail account using the embedded Egress encryption service. Guidance on how to use this is attached and is also available via the PRISM form.

There have been repeated errors in completing both the Cremation Form 4 and the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD). These: slow down the process; are causing registrars, crematoria and coroners additional work; and have caused delays for funerals.

The article can be found here with the appropriate attachments.

Primary Care Bulletin - 21st January 2021 

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GPC INFO: LMC update 15th January 2021

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Primary Care Bulletin - 10th January 2021 - COVID Vaccine Special 

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GPC INFO: LMC update 8th January 2021

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Message from Richard Vautrey, Chair of GPC - Vote on PCN DES

Please find below communication from Richard Vautrey, GPC Chair requesting GPs to vote on the PCN DES.

In November 2020, the LMC England conference passed a resolution requiring GPC England to seek a mandate on the Primary Care Network Directed Enhanced Service (PCN DES) before continuing with negotiations on the extension of the DES for 2021/22.

To meet the requirements set out by the LMC Conference we are therefore now holding a vote on the PCN DES, which will run until 23:59 on Tuesday 19 January and is open to all GPs in England, regardless of contractual status (partner/sessional/trainee) or BMA membership status.

We know that this remains an extremely busy and challenging time for all in general practice and I apologise for the timing of this survey. However, the outcome of the vote will determine how GPC England proceeds with negotiations on important planned contractual changes for 2021/22 and beyond. I would like to ask you to pass this information on to your constituents in order to encourage as high a participation rate as possible.

To help inform the vote a short briefing on the vote and the PCN DES is included with this email (full detail on the DES is available on the NHS England and BMA websites) and we are also able to release the results of the BMA’s latest annual survey of PCN Clinical Directors.

Attachment - Vote on the Primary Care Networks DES

Primary Care Bulletin - 6th January 2021

Please click here to view Primary Care Bulletin - 6th January 2021

This months' edition includes information on:

  • Shielding advice for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable people
  • The introduction of the new Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine
  • COVID-19 updates and guidance
  • General practice

And much more….

GPC INFO: LMC update 18th and 23rd December 2020

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Press release following PM announcement on lockdown

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