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Our values

  • To be impartial and non-judgemental
  • To inspire hope
  • To be kind to ourselves and each other
  • To be honest and straightforward
  • To be courageous, wise and trustworthy

Latest news

The First Edition of the Transferring Care Safely Group Newsletter - November 2020

Please click here to view the first edition of the Transferring Care Safely Group newsletter.

Attachment 1: New Requests from Primary Care Non-Medical Referrers to Request for Imaging Examinations - Proposal Form

Attachment 2: Policy for the Requesting of Imaging Examinations by Non-medically Qualified Professionals

Women in Clinical Leadership Conference 2020

The CCG are running a 'women in clinical leadership' conference on 26th November, 06.30 and 8.30pm. The event is open to all people working in LLR Primary Care looking for leadership success. Some great key speakers including our very own, Dr Anu Rao (LMC Board member). Ful details can be found here

Information about the Covid Test kits 

Further to our recent communications regarding practices having the opportunity to access covid test kits. More information can be found on the attached link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/covid-19-testing-in-general-practice

Free Wellbeing Workshops open to all

The LMC is constantly hearing from our members that they have seen a considerable rise in patients calling their GP to talk about their mental health and wellbeing since the Covid19 pandemic.

GPs can signpost patients to the free wellbeing workshops being offered.

Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve sub-contracting arrangement for practices

The Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Local Medical Committee (LLR LMC) is pleased to confirm that the LLR CCGs have agreed the LMC proposal for practices to sub-contract their services to DHU on Christmas eve and New Year’s eve (4.00 – 6.30pm).

Please click here if your practice wishes to participate in this arrangement, it will cost each practice £80.00 and will cover both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Any surplus from this arrangement will be presented to a local charity.

The form needs to be completed and sent back to LMC office at enquiries@llrlmc.co.uk - no later than Friday 27th November 2020.

GPC INFO: LMC update 23rd October 2020

Please click here to view the latest GPC update to the LMC. Attachment: Guidance 

LMC Buying Group – Flu Vaccine offers 2021/22

Please click here to view flu vaccine offers with all four of the flu vaccine suppliers for the 2021-22 flu season.

GPC INFO: LMC update 16th October 2020

Please click here to view the latest GPC update to the LMC. Attachment: BMA Primary Care Representation

Copy of LLRLMC press release, letter to MPs and letter to patients re. 'Inaccurate claims that general practice closed during the Covid19'

Please find attached a copy of the recent press release sent out this morning by the LLR LMC team, as well as a copy a letter that went out to all LLR MPs:

  • PRESS RELEASE: "Inaccurate claims that general practice closed during Covid19 crisis is undermining public confidence and causing patient harm" says LLRLMC.
  • Copy of letter to LLR MPs
  • Letter to patients - practices can use this as they wish to provide to patients/provide own statistics.

GPC Update 

Please click here to view the latest GPC update to the LMC. 

Attachment: BMA - QOF changes at a glance


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