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How we are funded

The statutory levy is at present set at 42p per registered patient. The statutory levy is used to fund all local activity and daily running of LLR LMC including payments made to LMC staff, LMC accommodation and backfill payments for any work carried out on behalf of the LMC to attend meetings or support for GPs, as well as paying for services including our legal advisor and the events we run.

The statutory levy is set by each individual LMC in accordance to what is required to fulfil and deliver the above requirements. The statutory levy varies from each LMC in regards to pence per patient, and our understanding is we are in the middle range in regards to what we obtain.

The formal explanation states Section 97 of the NHS Act 2006, as amended, sets out the arrangements for funding LMCs. This is usually referred to as the statutory levy and it requires the Commissioner to provide funds to the LMC and then to recoup these costs from contract holders. To that extent this levy is statutory and cannot be avoided.

The voluntary levy is currently set at 6p per patient registered patient. The voluntary levy contributes to the funding for the national activity including the conferences, national negotiators and payment of activity towards the GPC. The GPDF requests this money from LLR LMC, which is calculated based on population within LLR. The voluntary levy is voluntary, however, if individual practices opted out of this levy then their share would have to be made up by contributing practices.