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  • To be impartial and non-judgemental
  • To inspire hope
  • To be kind to ourselves and each other
  • To be honest and straightforward
  • To be courageous, wise and trustworthy

Latest news

GP contract agreement for 2018-19

Following the recent announcement of the recent GP contract agreement for 2018-19 , we have provided further underanding to the changes. the link can be viewed here.

New guidance on providing care to institutions and care homes

GPC has published updated guidance on NHS primary care medical services in institutions and care homes in the UK .

GPC News 7 - March 2018

UK held its meeting on Thursday 15 March. The following issues were discussed at the meeting:

Please see a summary of items in the attached newsletter along with additional updates.

GPC News - Conference resolutions and election results

LLR LMC recently attended the LMC annual conference in Liverpool on Friday 9th March. Following the conference the BMA has released the Conference news which shows the conference resolutions, election results and motions lost.

March LMC newsletter

This month we cover the following topics:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Feedback on Shared Care Agreements
  • Meeting the reasonable needs of patients
  • Upcoming LMC events
  • Trading Standards visiting practices regarding Class 3 weighing scales
  • Latest GPC News
  • Changes within the LMC
  • Vaccine ordering for the 2018-19 influenza season
  • Summarising patient records
  • Recruitment opportunities

To read our latest newsletter, click here.

Meeting the reasonable needs of patients

Please note that new guidance is available on meeting the reasonable needs of patients, which has been drafted in response to NHS England guidance issued to commissioners. It is available here:


East Midlands Leadership Academy - Programmes open to LLR LMC members  

LLR LMC has a group arrangement with the East Midlands Leadership Academy for 50 memberships. This means GPs and Practice Managers can book onto any of the courses/programmes in their directory (subject to availability of places- booking are taken on a first come first served basis):

EMLA are currently offering two programmes to our members:

  • OD in Practice Programme
  • Innovation and Improvement Programme

Both programme's are open to applicants and free to Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Local Medical Committee. To read more and apply, click here

GPC News 3 - England LMC Conference news - November 2017

Please see the attached GPC news which shows the conference resolutions, election results and motions lost.

Winter Plans request for GPs to open bank holidays

Dr Anu Rao has been quoted in Pulse regarding the winter plans request for GPs to open bank holidays to relieve hospital pressures.

Dr Rao, medical officer at Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland LMC, told Pulse this was ‘too little too late’, adding that she was told by NHS England and her CCG that ‘there is no extra funding at all’ for in-hours GP care.

She said: ‘I think this winter is going to be very hard on us so we’re already anticipating extra appointments, but I still don’t think we’ll be able to cope.’

The full article is available here

EU Data Protection regulations

The LMC has been contacted by practices regarding the upcoming changes to EU Data Protection regulations. We have discussed this with LMC Law who are assessing the effects on GPs and guidance will be produced in due course. If you have any concerns in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact the LMC office.

Seasonal Flu Vaccine Offers 2018-19

The LMC Buying Group LMC Buying Group has concluded negotiations with flu vaccine companies for the 2018/19 season and we can now announce that our preferred supplier for trivalent vaccines is Pfizer and our preferred supplier for quadrivalent vaccines is Mylan. Our other suppliers are Seqirus and MASTA.

To read the full details, click here.

LMC Law HR and Employment Indemnity Package

The service is only available to the medical profession and is run by healthcare experts in employment law (CIPD qualified), in association with Insurance Brokers Lucas Fettes and Partners Ltd. The Insurance is underwritten by AXA Insurance. Your issues will be dealt with by a qualified and dedicated individual and backed by employment lawyers. The package provides you with:

  • A dedicated employment & HR support helpline
  • Employment policies
  • Employment contracts
  • Negotiation of settlement agreements and the provision of the agreement itself
  • Employment indemnity insurance cover for employment tribunal claims of up to £250,000 per claim.

Below is further information regarding the package:

PCSE Claims Guidance

GPC England are aware that practices and individual GPs continue to experience unacceptable incidents relating to PCSE (primary care support services in England), commissioned by NHS England and provided by Capita. The issues have been ongoing for some time and we are aware of cases where practices have not received payments, or have received incorrect payments. It is never acceptable for payments to be delayed and we advise practices to follow the below process to ensure incorrect payments are corrected. Similarly, we are aware that practices or individual doctors may have suffered losses due to the failing of these services.

They advise following the attached process if a practice or individual has experienced an issue due to PCSE. If the issue is not resolved through this process in a timely manner, contact the LMC we will take up your claim with NHS England.

This guidance is also available online, please follow this link

Prescribing non-prescription (over the counter) medication in nurseries and schools

The LMC often gets asked about GP's prescribing non-prescription (over the counter) medication in nurseries and schools.The BMA has provided the following guidance on Prescribing non-prescription (over the counter) medication in nurseries and schools.

The link also provide's LLR GP's a template letter signed by the LLR LMC Chair which is available to use, if appropriate.

Medical note requests from the police

The BMA has received new legal advice regarding medical note requests received from the police, which are detailed below.
There is clear guidance regarding the obligations that GPs have with respect to copying and/or release of the GP record.

To read the full guidance, click here

How well do you know your acronyms?

NHS England have kindly shared the latest list acronyms with us - how many do you know, click here ?


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