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Latest news

Leicester City and South Coroner message - EMAS notifications - Sent to practices on the 20th January 2020.

The Leicester City and South Coroner has asked for the LMC to circulate the below message to our members. If you have any comments, please inform the LMC at enquiries@llrlmc.co.uk and we will feedback to the Coroner’s office. 

click here to view the guidance

LLR LMC position statement on PCN Draft Service Specifications and Primary Care Enhanced Services

Following the recent release of the PCN Draft Service Specifications in late December 2019, the timing of which has been questionable; there has been an overwhelming negative response from GPs all over the country. We have been asked what our thoughts are with regards to these specifications.

On the whole, the specifications are set out with what seems like good intentions to support patient care by getting collaborative working across the health and social sector and reduce health inequalities. However, the specifications themselves have been set out in a way that is too prescriptive and with no consideration whatsoever for a general practice that is currently trying really hard to stay afloat. They feel completely unattainable with the current level of resources and workload in general practice.

It is worrying to say the least, as it shows a severe lack of insight from NHSE as to what the current pressures in general practice are to load them with these undeliverable aspirations.

We have been led to believe that these are draft specifications and the LMC will be sending a response to NHSE. We would strongly encourage and implore colleagues to respond directly to the NHSE survey by the 15th January 2020.

Link to survey - https://www.engage.england.nhs.uk/survey/primary-care-networks-service-specifications/consultation/intro/

There needs to be a clear message sent to NHSE, that unless there has been robust and appropriate negotiating to achieve something that is more deliverable and that has sufficient resources associated with it, they risk the future of PCNs and the NHS long term plan.

NHS England letter on JCVI advice and NHS reimbursement for 2020/21 influenza vaccines

Please find attached NHS England letter on JCVI advice and NHS reimbursement for 2020/21 influenza vaccine ordering which was sent out just before Christmas. Dr Davies has already asked for further clarity as it is unclear how, for instance ‘if aTIV is unavailable’ should be interpreted.

'Happy New Year from all at Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Local Medical Committee'

If you have any questions or queries, please email us at enquiries@llrlmc.co.uk

Changes within LMC Board

Following the recent elections to join the LLR LMC for new LMC board members. We would like to congratulate and say a warm welcome to our new board members, Dr James Ward-Campbell, who was elected in August to the LMC board will be a County representative. Dr Amit Rastogi was elected in September to join the LMC board and will be a City representative.

We would like to thank both Dr Ghouri and Dr Rizvi for their time, contribution and commitment to the LMC over the years, and wish them the best of luck for the future

Guidance for on the Notification of Death Regulations 2019

From 1 October 2019, the Government introduced regulations that place a duty on registered medical practitioners to notify the coroner of certain deaths, and what information should be provided. They apply to England and Wales.

Read the Ministry of Justice’s guidance on complying with the regulations here

PCN Schedules and Guidance Notes from GPDF

PCN Guidance Notes which have been commissioned by GPDF for the benefit of LMCs.

These Network Agreement Schedules have been produced by Penningtons Manches LLP for GPDF Ltd as a guide only to assist with completion of the Schedules to the Mandatory Network Agreement, and do not constitute legal advice. Penningtons Manches LLP does not accept any responsibility or liability howsoever arising from the implementation or use of these Schedules.

Details can be found on the LMC website

2018/19 Indemnity Settlement & the Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP)

Information relating to the 2018/19 Indemnity settlement and the new state-backed indemnity scheme for general practice in England called the Clinical Negligence Scheme for General Practice (CNSGP) has been released. To read the full article, click here.

New CQC provider information collection & annual regulatory review

Practices should have now received the attached letter. Practices rated good/outstanding will no longer be routinely inspected every two years, with their inspections changing to a maximum interval of five years. Instead these practices will have an annual regulatory review including the outcome of a “ provider information collection” (PIC) with an annual phone call to the practice, as a satisfactory IT solution for the PIC has yet to be developed.

That letter links through to updated guidance on CQC’s website: How we monitor GP practices and a new page on the questions that we’ll ask on the calls.

The GPC has worked closely with the CQC through various iterations of this in order to mitigate the impact on practices and our engagement has hopefully made the process considerably less burdensome and more fit for purpose.

CQC Blank Evidence Table

Following the LMC's liaison meeting with the CQC, they have shared with us a "Blank Evidence Table" for us to share with our members for their information. It can be found on the "Key documents" sections on our CQC webpage.


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