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General Practitioners Committee

The BMA's General Practitioners Committee (GPC) is the only body which represents all GPs in the UK. It deals with all matters affecting NHS GPs, whether or not they are BMA members.

It has 86 members, 43 of whom are directly elected regional representatives. The remainder are either elected at the Annual Representative Meeting (ARM), appointed from Subcommittees or groups, or are ex officio members.

The Chairman is Dr Richard Vautrey. The Leicestershire and Rutland/Northamptonshire elected representative is Jonathan Ireland, Northamptonshire LMC chair (jonathan.ireland@nhs.net).

For more information about the GPC including its Sub Committees, and the issues it is currently working on see GPC.The GPC meets ten times a year, and produces a newsletter which summarises the main issues discussed at meetings, as well as providing useful guidance.

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Communications from the GPC

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