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Comms & Engagement

We produce a newsletter for our members, this is circulated by email and available at the links below:

a. Core and non core services

b. Flyer Medical and Health Coaching

c. Guidance on the appointment and employment of locum doctors

d. Contract Checklist letter

               a. AGM proposed agenda

               b. Focus on IA and undated resignations

               c. Letter to Karen Wheeler reg Capita

               d. Lincolnshire Practice Managers conference

               e. Personal Development Coaching

Newsletter - August 2016

                a. Attachment 1 - BMA letter to NHS England - specalised services

                b. Briefing paper - GPFV announcements

Newsletter - July 2016

                 a. Attachment 1 - MSc in Medical Leadership Education and Research poster

                 b. Attachment 2 - MSc in Medical Leadership Education and Research flyer

Newsletter - June 2016

Newsletter - 26th May 2016

                 a. Attachment 1 - Text for letter to Alistair Burt MP

                 b. Attachment 2 - Focus on Service Charges

Newsletter - 25th April 2016

Newsletter - 22nd March 2016

Newsletter - 29th February 2016

Newsletter - 3rd February 2016

Newsletter - 13th January 2016

Newsletter - 17th December 2015

Newsletter - 7th December 2015 


Annual Reports

2016 - Annual report

2015 - Annual report 

2014 - Annual report