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LLR LMC Buying Group

Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland LMC joined the LMC Buying Groups Federation in March 2011 to deliver savings to practices without creating any additional work or inconvenience.

Membership entitles you to discounts on products and services provided by the Buying Group's suppliers. Membership is free and there is no obligation on practices to use all the suppliers. However, practices can save thousands of pounds a year just by switching to Buying Group suppliers. To view the pricing and discounts on offer you need to log-in to the Members section of the Buying Group website: https://www.lmcbuyinggroups.co.uk/

Not convinced the Buying Group can save your practice money? Well why not challenge them to do just that! The Buying Group offers a free cost analysis service that aims to show member practices how much money they could save just by swapping to buying group suppliers. They can also provide this service for groups of practices working together. For more information, contact the Buying Group on 0115 979 6910 or email info@lmcbuyinggroups.co.uk

LMC Buying Groups: Q&As

The following Q&As attempt to answer the most obvious questions about the Buying Group and how it operates.

What is the purpose of the LMC Buying Group and how does it work?

The sole purpose of the Buying Group is to save its member practices money by negotiating discounts on goods and services which practices regularly purchase. The Buying Group team negotiate with suppliers, after which they identify ‘approved’ suppliers, who guarantee to give you significant discounts over what you would otherwise pay for their services, in return for the Buying Group’s endorsement and help in making you aware of what they offer.

Does it cost us anything to be part of the group?

No. All practices paying the LMC statutory/administrative levy are automatically entitled to enrol as members. The Buying Group regard this as an added value service your LMC can offer you. Should any practice cease to pay their LMC levies, they will no longer be able to access the benefits this initiative will bring.

Is there any obligation to take up the deals offered?

No. Each practice is free to take up or decline any of the deals the Buying Group have negotiated. If you wish to take advantage of any of the offers in question, you will be given contact details and all communications take place between you and the individual supplier*.

Who are the Buying Group’s approved suppliers?

A full list of suppliers is available on the Buying Group’s website but product/service areas that the group covers includes:

  • Stationery, Office Equipment and Furniture
  • Medical Consumables and Equipment and Testing and Calibration
  • Insurance
  • Energy Broker
  • Confidential Waste Shredding
  • Waste Collection
  • Telecoms
  • Staff Uniforms
  • Asbestos and Environmental Surveys
  • Emergency Oxygen
  • Digital Dictation Software
  • Online Training Courses
  • Medical Record Digital Reproduction
  • Travax Website Subscription
  • Website Design
  • Merchant Card Services
  • Royalty Free Music
  • Flu Vaccines

Your Details

When a practice signs up for Buying Group membership, they will keep your basic contact details (practice address, telephone number) on a secure database which is used for administration purposes (i.e. to identify which practices are eligible for supplier discounts). On the membership application form, they also ask you how they can use your personal data (i.e. your email address) but even if you do sign up to receive their emails you can stop them at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button.

What if I am not happy with the quality of goods and services supplied?

Always let the Buying Group know if you encounter any problems getting what you want, and they will endeavor to sort it out.

*The Buying Group accepts no liability for any contract willingly entered into by a practice with an approved supplier. Practices are advised to check that the terms of any contract with suppliers are not inconsistent with those the Buying Group have negotiated and are advised to inform the Buying Group team of any discrepancy. The Buying Group do not, however, accept any responsibility for any member practices’ failure to check the terms of the relevant contract and the principle of caveat emptor (buyer beware) applies in all cases. Your rights as a consumer under the Consumer Protection Act are unaffected. With respect to any services to which the provisions of the Financial Services Act 2000 might apply practices are advised to seek independent financial advice as may be appropriate.


A Quick Guide for Members

LMC Buying Group Website

Any visitor to the website can view basic information about the Buying Group and its suppliers without having to log-in to the Members section.
However, since the special prices on offer through the Buying Group are only available to members, we keep the details of the deals within the password protected part of the website.
So the first time you visit the website you’ll need to fill in the registration form to get your log-in details. After you've received a confirmation email you can simply login.
If you ever forget your password, you can reset it yourself by visiting the Reset page. This will only work if you’ve previously registered with the site.
Cost Analysis Service
The LMC Buying Group offers practices discounts on a wide range of products and services and they’re so confident they can save you money that they offer practices a free cost analysis to demonstrate the huge savings you could be making.
All members have to do is send them an email detailing which areas you want them to analyse (e.g. office supplies, medical consumables, utilities etc.) and they will work out how much you could save by switching to our suppliers.
If you want to find out how much your practice could save, then email the Buying Group with your details to get started. If they can’t save your practice money, they will enter you into a free prize draw to win £50 of John Lewis vouchers.
Buying Group Plus
The Buying Group now offers a bespoke procurement service to GP federation groups and provider companies. If you’re looking to save money by working together with the practices in your federation or provider company, then contact the Buying Group and they can help you make additional savings.

The Buying Group's Suppliers

The Buying Group’s approved suppliers offer excellent discounts on a range of goods and services which are only available to members:

  • Medical Consumables and Equipment/Testing & Calibration – MidMeds
  • Stationery, Office Equipment and Furniture – Whittaker Office Solutions
  • Insurance – MIAB
  • Utilities Brokerage – Untied Utilities
  • Confidential Information Shredding – Shred-it
  • Trade Waste/Feminine Hygiene Collection – Greenzone
  • Emergency Oxygen – Baywater Healthcare
  • Staff Uniforms – Alexandra
  • Telecoms – Atech Network Services
  • Digital Dictation Software – Lexacom
  • Online Training – Blue Stream Academy
  • Medical Record Digital Reproduction – Scan and Collate
  • Asbestos and Environmental Surveys – ASI Environmental
  • Website Design – Surgery Link
  • DBS Checks Processing Service – Avon LMC
  • Travax Website Subscription 
  • HR and Health & Safety – Peninsula Business Services
  • Magazine Subscription Packages – DLT Magazines
  • Royalty-Free Music – AKM Music
  • Vacancy Advertising and Subscriptions to MIMS/Medeconomics – GP Online
  • Flu Vaccines for 2017-18 – TBC

New Suppliers

Details of new suppliers are available here to view.