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Model contract for salaried GPs

The BMA has produced the following guidance on 'Model contract for Salaried GPs'  

Although there may be some differences in process in each of the four countries of the UK, the principles of this guidance apply to all.

This guidance will explain and provide advice on:

The GMS contract negotiations led to the NHS Confederation, Departments of Health and the GPC agreeing a model offer letter and set of minimum terms and conditions (which together are known as the model contract) to be used by a GMS practice or PCO when employing a salaried GP on or after 1 April 2004.

The model contract represents good employment practice and was designed to ensure a common standard for all GPs employed by GMS practices and PCOs.

The aim is also that this standard will have a knock-on effect with those employed by APMS being able to negotiate improved terms where those offered do not meet the minimum set out in the model contract.

The NHS England Standard Personal Medical Services Agreement 2015/16 set out that PMS practices shall also offer salaried GPs terms and conditions which are no less favourable than those in the model contract.

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