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Request for inclusion of information on death registration

Information provided by Registration and Coroner’s Service Manager at Leicestershire Registration Service

Death Registrations with Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD)

Any death that isn’t referred to the coroner must be registered by law within five calendar days.

The Registrar General has expressed concern that there are a number of deaths that fall outside this period. The following are some useful hints to avoid delays, and to ensure that the families of the bereaved can register the death and proceed with funeral arrangements.

A death must be registered in the district in which it occurred. The death can be registered by “declaration” outside that district but this may delay the funeral arrangements

  • An informant can attend any office within the registration district (for example, the death may have occurred in Coalville but the informant may live in Melton, so they can attend their nearest office)
  • Guidance on completing the MCCD is available at the front of the book of certificates. Please avoid using abbreviations or symbols within the cause of death
  • Part 1 is for the cause or condition directly leading to the death; Part ll for other significant conditions contributing to the death, but not related to the disease or the condition causing it
  • To avoid unnecessary delays if the practitioner goes on leave before signing the MCCD, another practitioner who has seen the deceased during their last illness can sign the MCCD see Guidance on completing the MCCD at the front of the book of certificates.
  • Please include your GMC number and clearly print your name; the registration officer has to check this against the national database before they can go ahead with the registration.
  • Be mindful of your own opening hours and staff availability, but also of the legal limit of 5 calendar days from death to registration. The certificate should be signed by day 2 or 3 following death, allowing Registrars 2 days to provide an appointment. It is important that practitioners do not either use up or go beyond the full five days.
  • Families should only contact the registration service for an appointment once they have access to the medical certificate.
  • The period around bank holidays can create additional pressure, particularly when referral to the coroner is required. Practitioners should be mindful of this.
  • It is always important to ensure the accuracy of certificates in order to avoid unnecessary referrals to the coroner.
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