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Completion of Medical Certificates of Cause of Death (MCCD) and Verification of Death (VoD)


The end of the Coronavirus Act means that that there are further changes to completion of MCCD and Form Cremation 4.

MCCDs must now be completed by a doctor who has ‘attended’ the patient during their last illness. In preference, the signing GP must have either seen (face to face or by video) the patient within 28 days prior to death, or after death. If neither criteria is complied with, the registrar is required to report the death to the Coroner who will have to investigate, starting with requiring a report from the GP.  We therefore recommend that in this circumstance GPs reports the death to the coroner in advance using:

a)            For Leicester City and Leicestershire South, the online portal: leicester-portal.coronersconnect.co.uk

b)            For Leicestershire North, the PRISM Form

The criteria for completion of Form Cremation 4 has been changed to be in line with those for the MCCD.  It is expected that the signing GP had treated the patient during their last illness and:

(a)          Had seen the deceased (including video) within 28 days prior to death, or

(b)          Viewed the body after death in person (not by video), or


(c)           The death has been registered with an MCCD supported by Form 100A issued by the coroner.

Cremation Form 5 has been permanently removed.

The LLR LMC short guide has been updated, and the PRISM form will be revised with the changes soon.

An electronic MCCD is being developed and is likely to be available before the end of the year. In addition, the Medical Examiner service is likely to become compulsory by summer.

LLR LMC short guide to MCCD 

Updated on Wednesday, 4 May 2022, 1827 views

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