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Leicester City and South Coroner message - EMAS notifications

Sent to practices on the 20th January 2020.

The Leicester City and South Coroner has asked for the LMC to circulate the below message to our members. If you have any comments, please inform the LMC at enquiries@llrlmc.co.uk  ​and we will feedback to the Coroner’s office.


Dear Doctors,

As you will be aware, when we receive EMAS referrals we experience difficulties contacting each other by telephone. Therefore, with immediate effect, when we receive an EMAS referral it will be emailed to your surgery with the following request:

1) The last doctor to see and treat in life for the condition / illness causing death is requested to consider the EMAS referral along with the patient's medical notes and submit a death e-referral form with a proposed cause of death to the Leicester City and South Coroner's office. If a cause of death cannot be given, please submit a patient summary printout along with the death e-referral.

2) Please acknowledge receipt of this email and that the matter has been passed to a Dr.

The EMAS form and letter will be attached to the email sent to the GP/Surgery.


Thank you for your help


Kind regards


Dave Kingdon

Team Manager (Coronial Services)

Leicester City and South