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Falsified Medicines Directive

The Falsified Medicines Directives comes into force on 9th February 2019. The GPC Medicines Management Policy Group have released information on the matter: 

"Whilst in theory the Falsified Medicines Directive comes in next February there is no expectation it will be rolled out by then as only 15% of drugs in the market will actually have the 2D barcode and anti-tamper devices by then and there's no way that barcode readers will have been widely rolled out.

GP surgeries are ALL healthcare bodies under the legislation at present although there is some doubt about whether Ireland has secured a concession under the act to get decommissioning done at wholesaler level and DH are exploring this further (this would take a massive amount of hassle away from practices).

Failing that though in theory over the long run all prescribing practices will need the tech and software to decommission things like immunisations. In England its possible that the next procurement of GP software will have some sort of integrated solution and there are some packages already that may deliver as an add on. In practice it sounds like there will be a slow roll out from Feb 19 rather than anything approaching widespread implementation so practices should liaise with their CCGs or Health Boards.

Compliance will be monitored via MHRA and CQC but the impression is that this is more a direction of travel than something that will generate any sanction in the short term, in the expectation of a solution in IT futures in 2020.

GPC DDA NHSE NHS digital and DH will work together to develop a timeframe starting from Feb 19th"