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Update - Primary Care Contracts Team Support across LLR - May 2020

Dear Colleagues

We would like to thank you for bearing with us despite the difficulties encountered with Covid-19. To enable seamless working, please note that the Primary Care Contracts Team are now covering the whole of LLR rather than solely being assigned to specific CCGs and are currently in the process of relaunching various work streams to support the day to day running of practices.

Therefore, to enable your queries to be addressed or directed to the most appropriate source for guidance, please use the following generic mailbox as a first point of contact for all practices within LLR:


This mailbox will be monitored daily for queries or responses to specific requests to practices across LLR. As it was already up and running we were unable to change the name to reflect LLR, however, this inbox can be used by all practices for items such as locum claims, specific contract queries or section 106 applications to name a few examples.

Please also be aware that the Primary Care Contracts teams across LLR have also had to adapt to some significant changes due to seconded staff returning to NHS England.

Outlined below are the names and contact details of the CCGs LLR Primary Care Contracts Team who are available to support you. Due to the current situation we have only displayed mobile numbers and we will circulate office landline contact numbers as and when the Government restrictions change.

Email (use generic in first instance)

Cal Deane - Interim Head of Primary Care Contracts & Quality

07803 930904 - cal.deane@westleicestershireccg.nhs.uk

Jamie Barrett - Head of Primary Care

07920 591167- jamie.barrett@eastleicestershireandrutlandccg.nhs.uk

Priya Pandya - Primary Care Commissioning Manager

07385 348817 - Priya.Pandya@leicestercityccg.nhs.uk

Amy Stevens - Primary Care Contracts Manager

07880 480463 - Amy.Stevens@westleicestershireccg.nhs.uk

Amardip Lealh - Primary Care Contracts Manager

07880 454380 - Amardip.Lealh@EastLeicestershireandRutlandccg.nhs.uk

Khatija Hajat - Primary Care Contracts Manager

07876 745607 - khatija.hajat@eastleicestershireandrutlandccg.nhs.uk

Jayne Giulianotti - Primary Care Support Officer

07880 473940 - Jayne.giulianotti@leicestercityccg.nhs.uk

Becky Hunt - Primary Care Support Officer

07471 715605 - Becky.Hunt@EastLeicestershireandRutlandccg.nhs.uk

We all look forward to supporting you throughout 2020/21 and beyond.