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Primary Care Campaign

Humberside LMC have created a great campaign which shows the consequences of abuse in Primary Care, which they have shared with LMCs across the Country to use, thanks to Humberside LMC.

A campaign has been launched to help tackle a rise in abusive behaviour towards healthcare workers in primary care.

Primary care refers to general practice, community pharmacy, dental, and optometry (eye health) services which are sometimes described to act as the ‘front door’ of the NHS.

Research shows that increased pressures on primary services paired with modified ways of working made necessary due to COVID-19 have led to increased demand in services. Data published by NHS Digital shows a 3.5m increase in the number of general practice appointments provided during June this year compared to June 2019 (26.7m compared to 23.2m), with an additional 4m COVID vaccination appointments delivered on top of that.

This is where you will find all the #weareprimarycare primary care campaign materials. You can download:

  • Animations
  • Email signature logos
  • Digital Graphics

They are uploaded in this order so scroll down the page to find what you are looking for. You can also  download a folder containing all the campaign materials from Dropbox.  


These animations are for use on screens and on social media. They are recommended to be used on screens within your practice or to be shared through your social media channels. There are 5 animation variants, and you are welcome to use one of all of these, either simultaneously or staggered around other messages. 

The animations are MP4 files. Click on a file below to play the animation. You can  download a folder containing all the animations from Dropbox. 

Email signature logo

Please add this logo to your email signature to show practices and patients that you support primary care staff and to promote the message further. 

The logos are all JPG files. You can  download a folder containing all the signature logos from Dropbox . Or you can save a signature logo individually (right click an image below, click save as, save when prompted). 

Digital Graphics

There are many graphics available which can be shared through social media around your schedule, or used on websites.  

The graphics are all JPG files. You can  download a folder containing all the digital graphics from Dropbox . Or you can save an image individually (right click an image below, click save as, save when prompted). 



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