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Official GPC LMC Updates

OFFICIAL GPC INFO: LMC update 17 December 2021

Official GPC Updates to LMC - 3rd December 2021

  • Changes to QOF and IIF
  • Additional funding for COVID vaccination programme – but more support is needed (England)
  • Media
  • New COVID-19 Omicron variant – new measures and booster programme extension
  • BMA report: Weathering the storm
  • Joint statement on Inclisiran
  • Integrated care systems – primary care (England)
  • LMC England conference 2021 - resolutions
  • Scottish LMC Conference 2021
  • Sustainability payments for GP practices in Scotland
  • GPC Wales GP contract agreement 2021/22
  • Supporting general practice

Official GPC Updates to LMC - 22nd October 2021

  • Overwhelming rejection of government’s ‘rescue package’
  • Workload control in general practice
  • Analysis of NHSE/I ‘rescue package’
  • GP declaration of earnings guidance
  • Supporting general practice against abuse
  • COVID vaccinations
  • Government COVID antiviral strategy
  • COVID-19 medical exemptions
  • PCN survey
  • Management of IBS in primary care - survey
  • GPC UK election
  • GP Trainee Regional Elections
  • Media

Official GPC Updates to LMC - 7th October 2021

  • Survey on General Practice response to the current crisis
  • Media
  • Support your surgery campaign
  • Letter of thanks to GPs in Scotland
  • GP Pay Transparency – NHSE/I Guidance
  • GP appointment data
  • COVID-19 Vaccination PGD and national protocol (England)
  • Mitigating the effect of dispensing fees cut
  • GPC UK election

Official GPC Updates to LMC - 24th September 202117th September 2021

  • Tackling abuse and meeting with the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
  • Dealing with abuse of practice staff on social media from patients
  • Media intrusion
  • Media
  • Support your surgery campaign
  • GPC UK meeting update
  • Support for GPs
  • Phase 3 and booster vaccinations (England)
  • Overprescribing report
  • End of the shielding programme and closure of the Shielded Patient List (SPL)
  • Pension deductions by PCSE
  • GPC UK elections
  • LMC UK conference agenda committee elections
  • GP Trainees committee chair
  • Media

1. GP Campaign Factsheet

2. Letter in response to DM article about stillbirth and GP access 

3. Policy Lead Update 

4. GPCE update to GPCUK

10th September 2021

  • Supporting general practice and challenging abuse – letter to the Secretary of State
  • GP pressures and abuse in the media
  • GP survey - help us to help you
  • Support Your Surgery campaign
  • Government imposes pay transparency regulations (England)
  • GPC England meeting with NHSE/I
  • NHS Digital GP workforce data releases switch to monthly from quarterly (England)
  • Delays in influenza vaccines
  • Media
  • LMC role in Integrated care systems (England)
  • Advice and Guidance – statement from GPC England
  • GPC UK by-election
  • Survey of practices' experiences of using PCSE payments and pensions portal in August (England)
  • ARM 2021
  • Sessional GPs webinar – contracts
  • BMA clinical academic trainees conference 2021
  • Media

20th August 2021

  • Supporting General Practice - letter from NHS England
  • Support Your Surgery campaign
  • Earnings and expenses report 2019/20 (UK)
  • COVID-19 Vaccination programme
  • New and updated COVID-19 National Protocols
  • Becton Dickinson blood specimen collection supply disruption
  • Updated PHE guidance on NHS staff self-isolation and return to work following COVID-19 contact
  • HEE is looking to the future for the health and social care workforce (England)
  • BMA Annual Representatives Meeting
  • NHS e-RS five minute Referral Assessment Survey (RAS) survey (England)
  • Media

Attachment - Covid - 19 update 

6th August 2021

  • Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Programme 2021/22 enhanced service specifications
  • Vaccines for 16- and 17-year-olds
  • Workforce data concerns
  • COVID-19 vaccine dashboard
  • New NHS England chief executive
  • NHS COVID-19 app updated to notify fewer contacts to isolate
  • Weekly COVID-19 data
  • Changes in visa sponsorship for trainee GPs
  • Fit notes
  • Appraisal payments
  • Practices call for more PCN funding, support and autonomy
  • Improving the NWRS (National Workforce Reporting Service)
  • GP payments and pensions system update
  • New president of RCGP
  • Media

Attachment - Weekly Covid Update

23rd July 2021

The update includes updates on:

  • DDRB pay uplift
  • Easing of COVID restrictions and infection control (England)
  • Releasing NHS staff from isolation to work
  • GPDPR delay – joint statement and letter to GPs
  • COVID-19 vaccination programme
  • Annual flu vaccination letter
  • Meetings with ministers and MPs
  • GP Payments and pensions system provided by PCSE
  • Vaccines and undocumented migrants – safe surgeries toolkit
  • Delegation of NHS England commissioning functions to integrated care systems from April 2022
  • Are you considering applying for a GP sponsorship licence to employ non-UK nationals?
  • Media

Attachment - Weekly Covid Update

16th July 2021 Update 

The update includes updates on:

  • Update on GPC England resolution
  • Shocking workforce crisis exposed by BMA report
  • Supporting general practice and latest appointment data
  • Easing of COVID restrictions and face coverings
  • Face coverings in healthcare settings in England
  • Face coverings in healthcare settings in Wales
  • Face coverings in healthcare settings in Scotland
  • Face coverings in healthcare settings in NI
  • COVID-19 vaccination programme (England)
  • Health and Care Bill briefing for general practice
  • Medical examiners roll out (England and Wales)
  • GPC England meeting report
  • Elections for BMA’s specialist and professional committees
  • Media

AttachmentWeekly Covid Update

Attachment Visiting your GP poster

AttachmentExec and Policy Lead Update 

9th July 2021 Update

The update includes updates on:

  • Patient survey results
  • Health and Care Bill
  • COVID-19 booster vaccine and flu vaccine programmes
  • Praise for the NHS and general practice
  • Easing of COVID restrictions
  • New guidance for health and social care providers on CQC's monitoring approach
  • PCSE pay and pension system update
  • COVID-19 vaccination programme
  • Education and training tariff guidance and prices for 2021 to 2022 financial year
  • Delay in roll-out of patient data sharing programme (GPDPR)
  • Review of the England Medical Performers List Regulations (England)
  • ARM elections – GPC UK
  • Elections for BMA’s specialist and professional committees
  • Calling all pharmacists: your chance to inform staff training in primary care
  • One career, endless opportunities #Choose GP
  • Media

AttachmentWeekly Covid Update

2nd July 2021 Update  

The update includes updates on:

  • New Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
  • Extension of the pandemic regulations (England)
  • COVID-19 vaccination programme
  • ICS framework document (England)
  • Praise for general practice

Attachment - Weekly Covid - 19 update 

25th June 2021 Update

The update includes updates on:

· New PCSE pay and pension system update (England)
· Meetings with Health Minister, Jo Churchill (England)
· Meeting with the Minister for COVID Vaccine Deployment, Nadhim Zahawi (England)
· Exemptions for care workers
· COVID-19 vaccination programme
· Department of Health and Social Care draft data strategy
· Delay in roll-out of patient data sharing programme (GPDPR)
· Cervical screening adverse incident (Scotland and England)
· BMA Scottish GP Committee/ Scottish LMC Update – June 2021
· Enhanced shared parental leave system for salaried GPs (UK)
· Contact your MP about punitive pension tax
· Do you hold a GP sponsorship licence?
· ARM 2021
· RCGP report on relationship-based care
· Deadline for THE EU SETTLEMENT Scheme – 30 June
· Specialist and Professional Committee elections
· BMA COVID-19 guidance
· GPC UK and GPC England committee pages
· Media
· Link to GP bulletin
· Link to latest sessional GPs newsletter

Attachment - BMA Scottish GP Committee -SLMC update 2021 - June v1

Attachment - Weekly Covid-19 data update 25.06.21.pptx

18th June 2021 Update

The Update Includes:

  • GP appointment data (England)
  • Time to end NHSE/I directive letters
  • Long - COVID and weight management enhanced services (England)
  • Workload Crisis
  • SGPC Meeting - 17 June 
  • PCN Handbook (England)
  • Long COVID NHS plan for 2021/22 (England)
  • COVID 19 Vaccination Programme
  • Delay in roll - out of patient data sharing programme (GPDPR) England
  • New PCSE pay and pension system update
  • Proposed changes to annual complaints collection (K041b form)
  • Deadline for THE EU SETTLEMENT scheme 30 June
  • Seats for the ARM
  • Specialist and professional Commitee Elections
  • BMA Covid 19 - Guidance 
  • GPC UK and GPC England Commitee Pages 
  • Media
  • Link to latest GP bulletin

11th June 2021 Update

Attachment 1: Weekly Covid - 19 Update

28th May 2021 Update 

Attachment 1: GP Workload Graphic

9th April 2021 Update 

Attachment 1: Weekly Covid - 19 Update 

1st April 2021 Update 

Attachment 1: Priorities and Planning Guidance 

26th March 2021 Update 

Attachment 1: Weekly Covid - 19 update

Attachment 2: GPDF LMC Development Project Information 

19th March 2021 Update

Attachment 1: Supporting General Practice Additional Funding for April - September 

Attachment 2: Weekly Covid - 19 Update

5th March 2021 Update

Attachment 1: Vaccination Workforce Top Tips

Attachment 2: RCGP and BMA Joint Letter ahead of the Spring Budget 

19th February 2021 Update

Attachment 1: Update on NHSPS Legal Action 

Attachment 2: BMA - draft template letter for practices 

Attachment 3: GPC England Executive 

12th February 2021 Update.

5th February 2021 Update.

Attachment 1:  General Practitioners Committee England

Attachment 2: Covid 19 Vaccine Booking Info Letter

Attachment 3: BMA Scottish GP Committee 

29th January 2021 Update. 

Attachment: NHSE CCGs Primary Care re CQC Activity Copied






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