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GP Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR) - Data provision notice (DPN)

NHS Digital (NHSD) has sent out a Data Provision Notice (DPN) to all practices notifying them of the rollout of GP Data for Planning and Research (GPDPR).

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This is a planned replacement for the GPES (GP extraction service) to collect data for planning and research from general practices in England. This data collection mechanism will, in time, become the only one that GPs need to comply with when sharing data for secondary uses, although they may wish, and are entitled to continue sharing data for secondary uses through pre-existing or new channels where there is a clear and lawful basis for doing so.

The BMA and RCGP have issued a statement on this and note that it is a legal obligation for practices to comply with the DPN. NHS Digital have a page on their website which provides details on the programme and contains GP and patient facing documents (linked above) which explain what is changing.

The first collection will begin on the 1st July as per the DPN, allowing six full weeks (plus an extra seventh week) to ensure patients have the opportunity to exercise a Type 1 opt should they wish to do so.

‘GP Practices will be sent an invitation to comply with the Data Provision Notice via their GP system supplier. The exact method, form and timing of this invitation will vary by system supplier. However, the invitation will include instructions on how to comply with the DPN, this is a simple and straight forward task. GP system suppliers will commence extractions for individual General Practices who have responded to their system supplier to confirm they are complying with this Notice and provide this data to NHS Digital seven weeks from the date of issue of this Notice, from 1st July 2021.’

Patients have the right to exercise a type-1 opt-out to ensure their data is not collected as part of GPDPR and should do so before the first collection to be certain it is processed in time, it is important that where a Type 1 output has been received by the practice, that these are recorded as quickly as possible. Practices may wish to proactively engage with patients to make them aware of their right to opt out. NHS Digital have linked this form with the instruction to patients to fill it out and return it to their practice should they wish to opt out.

In terms of next steps for GP practices in England, the following landing page details this:

here. We have listed out the next steps for you as a practice

  1. Comply with DPN
  2. Update your Privacy notice
  3. Consider as a practice if you will proactively be contacting patients to inform them of what is changing
  4. Register type1 opt outs in a timely fashion (codes are available here provide link to page).


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