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Capita - Incorrectly Archived Records

The GPC recently released a statement regarding the PCSE incident whereby thousands of patient medical records were incorrectly archived instead of being sent to the subsequent GP practices. These records have now been sent back to practices, and NHS England is expecting those practices to undertake an assessment of harm for each patient affected. Practices affected will have received a list of NHS Numbers of the patients whose record was delayed.

GPC England was in discussions with NHS England to highlight the impact this would have on practices and their patients. We were clear that practices should receive the necessary support to cover the additional costs of dealing with a problem for which they are not to blame to ensure that GPs and other practice staff are not taken away from direct patient facing provision. Unfortunately, NHS England was not prepared to provide the amount of funding that we believe is necessary to cover GP and practice staff time required to do this assessment properly, and GPC England was not prepared to agree to a settlement which we believed would not fully compensate practices for the problems created by Capita.

As a result, we are looking for practices to join our potential legal action. Practices will need to complete the attached pro forma and send them to the BMA via info.gpc@bma.org.uk  in order to sign up to the case. We will then collate the necessary information to take forward a legal action.