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Appraisal Information

Become an Appraiser 

NHSE are advertising “New appraiser Training” which is scheduled for the 14th and 15th November 2018.

This creates a great opportunity for GPs to become appraisers in the Midlands.

Below is all the information and resources to apply for this opportunity. 

Appraiser Advert 

Job Description 

Application Form

Appraisal Preperation

Recently, NHSE have released guidance on the changes of how much preparation needs to be done for annual appraisals. There have been numerous concerns expressed by Clinicians as preparation for appraisals can impact on work-life balance and patient care.

Summary of the Guidance follows:

  • Learning credits will need to be justifiable and display appropriate levels of CPD to demonstrate you are staying up to date and are fit to practise (no longer defined as mandatory 50 credits);
  • Provide a minimum of one piece of quality written reflection on key learning events against each of the GMC domains in Good Medical Practice (examples and guidance in the attached document);
  • Mandatory declarations on elements such as health, probity, Multi-Source Feedback (MSF for patient and colleague feedback per each revalidation cycle);
  • Shall cover all aspects of your full scope of work;
  • You will reflect within your appraisal meeting on the learning undertaken for that year, and we hope this shall result in a more supportive and developmental approach to appraisal, focussed on you as an individual, with active and targeted complaints remain unchanged

To view the full guidance please follow this link.

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