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The Power of Coaching

Monday 8 August 2016

Towards the end of 2015-16 the LMC bid for some non-recurrent funds to run a programme of tailored career coaching for a cohort of 13 GPs.


Each GP was allocated a personal coach and up to six sessions of coaching.  At the halfway point, with participants having received three sessions, we have received the following testimonial from one of our participants.


Coaching is a really powerful way to help individuals explore where they are going with their careers.  We have been successful in bidding for  more non-recurrent funds and will be extending this programme.  


Who wouldn't want to be able to say this:


When I started my coaching sessions with Lesley I felt I was near burn out. Workload was feeling out of control and home-life felt like a series of constant demands.  After just one session this started to change. By having the time, space (and a critical friend) to look objectively at what was happening I was able to prioritize the areas I needed to address in order to facilitate change, and just as importantly the areas that I could not change. This gave me a sense of control over the situation - and when I got back to practice we re- wrote our entire appointment system!


By the second session I was already seeing some changes due to the work I had been doing. We moved on to looking at how to manage demand within the consultation, and how to identify the parts of work I enjoy and move towards doing more of that.


I have just had my third session and not only can I now see a future but I am starting to actively plan how to get to it.  I have a lot of new tools to help me negotiate reaching my goals. 


More importantly as work is under better control, so home is improving. Not bad for the time it would normally take me to do 2 surgeries!

I am delighted to say we have secured some more funding to run a second programme, and we are actively recruiting participants- for more details and to sign up to benefit from this opportunity click here.

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