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Guidance regarding processing calcium blood test results

Following discussions with UHL, the following guidance has been agreed for processing calcium blood test results.

“The adjusted calcium assay is running with a mild negative bias (~0.05mmo/L) due to variation across the analysers. We are in the process to procure new analysers within the next six months which could help to rectify the issue.

In our clinical experience, completely asymptomatic patients with an adjusted calcium between 2.10-2.20 mmol/L whose renal functions are adequate, no further treatment may be required.

If the adjusted calcium is persistently <2.10 mmol/L and/or patient symptomatic, further investigations may be required to assess adequate calcium intake (should be >700mg/day, www.cgem.ed.ac.uk/research/rheumatological/calcium-calculator/) and/or levels of Vitamin D, magnesium and PTH.

We would like to recognise and thank Leicester City CCG for being involved in forming the pathway and we thank all the clinical leads including Dr Avi Prasad and Dr Prashant Patel, Consultant Metabolic Medicine.

If needed please discuss through the advice and guidance route for individual patients”.

If you have any questions, please contact the LMC.

Updated on 23 May 2019, 100 views

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