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Complaints- LMC support through the PAG process

The LMC are pleased to have been working in conjunction with NHSE regarding the complaints process. Our complaints workshop was held on the evening of 9th May 2018 and was presented by Kimberley Kingsley (Deputy Director of Nursing and Quality and Regional Complaints Lead) and Cathie Cunnington (Complaints Manager). 

The presentation used can be found here. 

The main points from this event were: 

  • Good complaint responses are written on headed paper, provide explanations of findings, inform the complainant of any lessons learnt. 
  • Obtaining Independent Reviews- The complaints team determine whether a clinical review, clinical opinion or a contractual review is required. The complaint will then be sent to an Independent GP and/or the relevant Primary Care Commissioning Team for review. 
  • Central Midlands Assurance Process- If specific actions for the provider have been identified, the Complaints Team will contact the provider in three months time, in order to gain evidence/assurance that any necessary actions have been completed. 

If a GP needs support through the PAG process and would like LMC to help assist them, we would advise them to complete the consent form provided by NHSE to access LMC support. 

The consent form can be found here. 

The LMC is looking to deliver a further complaints workshop on Wednesday 21st November. If you have any specific feedback on what you would like the contents of the event to cover please notify us on enquiries@llrlmc.co.uk 

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