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Caring for patients with long term conditions

Dr Anu Rao

Dr Anu Rao

Wednesday 17 August 2016

Recently I spoke to BBC Radio Leicester about the challenges of caring for patients with long term conditions in the community.


"We know that medical science has advanced so much over the years that actually we are very good at diagnosis and treatment of long term conditions.  It is well recognised that people with long term conditions are managed effectively in the community.


"The problem though, is the lack of resources, sometimes, to get all the healthcare needs put together for a patient.  In terms of a practising GP, the frustrations can be about the idea of doing everything in 10 minutes.  Sometimes it just seems impossible.


"There is a lack of GPs.  There is a lack of practice nurses.  That puts a lot of pressure on the healthcare system, and that can at times be detrimental to patients."


You can rest assured I and all my colleagues at the LMC do everything within our power to support our GPs, practice managers and practice nurses with the challenges they face to provide high quality, holistic, person-centred care to their patients with long term conditions.



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